Arctic Whales

Thursday 20 June 2019 11:43:03 Europe/London

Whales, polar bears and Arctic conditions, are all in a day’s work for the Barba team, whose adventures take them to some of the most extreme places on the globe in the name of conservation, inspired by the ocean, its inhabitants and a beloved family dog.

Breach shot

                                                                                                                                                               - By Andreas B. Heide

The sailing boat Barba was christened by owner Andreas B Heide in memory of a treasured friend. Trustworthiness, loyalty and a passion for the great outdoors were qualities he valued for his team and no-one had showed these more than family dog Barba. It’s an ethos that has formed the basis of a dedicated team of volunteers working on board the ship that specialises in interacting with marine environments and spreading a message of conservation globally


Crossing tens of thousands of miles, scientists, conservationists, and photographers have been welcomed aboard to contribute to the project, combining revolutionary science with visually compelling storytelling that documents marine life and plastic pollution and human’s impact on nature. All this, while encountering some of the most testing climates imaginable.

Rugged shores

                                                                                                                                                                                 - By Barba.no

The sailing boat operates as a green and non-intrusive platform to interact with marine world, and the Barba team works to get the best results regardless of the difficult environments they face. They have sailed from her native port of Stavanger, Norway as far as the pack ice of the North Pole where she has crossed paths with polar bears and whales. Currently they are on a two-month expedition in Iceland working with blue whales as part of project Arctic Whale. These bitter climates call for the best technical gear to keep the project sailing, something Andreas knows very well, “As both a sailor and conservationist, I require gear that is built to last, for better performance and for the better of our oceans”.

migrating pilot

                                                                                                                                                                          - By Tord Karlsen

Dubarry is proud to be part of Barba’s mission to inspire people to care for nature, and previously supported Barba on a circumnavigation of Svalbard in 2015 by supplying the team with Crosshaven and Ultima sailing boots. Over three decades of Dubarry innovation in the design of technical sailing footwear has set an industry benchmark, the proof of which we’re thrilled to hear from Andreas, “I love my Dubarry boots for their superior qualities when I use them, but also for their longevity. I personally still use the ones you kindly supported us with in 2015”.


The Dubarry Crosshaven and Ultima boots are designed for extreme conditions at sea, ensuring waterproof, thermal and stable performance. They form part of a wider range of high-performance footwear made by Dubarry and trusted by many.


                                                                                                                                                                    - By Tord Karlsen

You can follow the awesome story of the Arctic whales and the incredible journeys of the Sy Barba on Instagram and the Barba website. We wish them continued good luck and safe travels on their adventures and look forward to hearing more.

Barba and the orcas 2016 from Andreas B. Heide on Vimeo.







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