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Wednesday 27 March 2019 11:39:00 Europe/London

Mums. They’re back bones of the family, they’re councillors, comforters, leaders and protectors. They’re, well, the best, and they don’t even get paid!

Whether your mother’s an outward bounder or hears the call of sofa, we’ve come up with some ways to treat the living legends in your life and to do it in Dubarry.  

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Enniscoe knit wrapFor the most-happy at-homer.

Is there anything better than home-grown TLC? Who could blame the mother who just wants to put her feet up and wind down for a day? If your mum is hunkered in a temporary hermitage, how about you do the honours in the kitchen?

If you’re a culinary dunce, don’t fear. Go back to basics with the likes of Delia Smith’s “How to cook”. She’ll help you rustle up something without burning the down the kitchen. If you’re more advanced, have a look at the Countryside Alliance’s Game To Eat Campaign, which has exciting game meat recipes and advice from Berry Bros on excellent wine pairings too.

What to buy her. The Dubarry Enniscoe Knit wrap is a one size fits all knit ideal for the ultimate snuggle.





For the yomper.

Because there’s nothing really better or simpler than a good old yomp in good old company- be that you or your dog! If you’re marching across country, spinning around the village or stepping out in a city, make sure to have plenty of time for a proper natter. If you’re after new stomping ground, see our blog Top-Dog blog for some of the best dog walking spots across the country.

What to buy her: The Galway boot is a proper waterproof boot that suits any mum on a mission.


For the go-getter.Womens tweed cap

Got a mother with who won’t sit still? A lesson clay pigeon shooting together is an excellent way to focus the body and mind. There are plenty of grounds around the country for you to get your eye in but Irish Shooting Sports school in Co. Kerry has excellent instructors who cater for novices through to experienced shots and run a group course culminating in a friendly competition to crown the sharpest shooter.

What to buy her:  The Bayview gilet  is warm but not too bulky to restrict your swing and the peaked Holly Tweed hat will keep spring sunshine out of your eyes.


For the equestrienne.

Whether she’s a racing buff or not, the avid equestrienne will love anywhere with the sniff of a horse. Point to point racing has the added bonus of a great picnic culture too, so stock up the car with sandwiches, soup and home brewed treats and head for the races. Monksgrange in Co. Wexford, Lisronagh in Co. Tipperary and Ballynoe in Co. Cork are all fixtures running  on Mothering Sunday, 31st March.

What to buy her: The Dubarry Leslie Jacket- warm, waterproof, and subtle in a sea of brown and green.


Dubarry blackthorn womens tweed coatFor the lady who lunches.

Well, actually the lady who teas. If mud is just not your mother’s cup of tea, perhaps an afternoon of sandwiches, cakes and bottomless prosecco may be more up her street? Visit Adare manor in Co. Limerick for their Afternoon Tea, where tea is served in the beautifully decorated rooms of the manor, with stunning views over its grounds.

What to buy her: A Dubarry Kells leather handbag is a perfect elegant touch for tea in town (it might fit the odd leftover cake in too) and which goes exquisitely with the Dubarry Blackthorn tweed coat.


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