Care Products

Cleaner – Suitable for all types of leather

Aids in the removal of dirt/other residues and prepares leather for proofing and conditioning.  Heavy mud and dirt should be removed initially under the tap with water and a soft brush.  You can then use the cleaner ideally with lukewarm water scrubbing vigorously in a circular motion with a sponge or soft brush. Rinse thoroughly with fresh tap water afterwards but avoid over-soaking the leather. Use tap water only to clean any fabric sections. Allow the boots to dry naturally before any further treatment.  Never use artificial heat or leave in proximity to an open fire.  For best results, air dry for 48 hours or at a minimum overnight

Conditioner – Suitable for all smooth leather

The conditioner spray restoring its original appearance and also offer water repellence. Apply using a soft cloth rubbing sparingly into the surface. Apply as many thin coats as necessary for desired finish. 

Protector – Suitable for all nubuck and suede leather

The protector cream restores a water repellent finish while at the same time offering high stain resistance.  We advise that you use this product outdoors rather than inside, due to its strong odour. Spray the protector over the nubuck or suede allowing 5 minutes between applications. Wipe away any excess from soles and welts. For best results allow to dry overnight. 

Leather Cream – Suitable for all smooth leather

Dubarry strongly recommends for well-worn footwear use of our Leather Cream in the foot area and in particular the flex part of the smooth leather. This will help protect, preserve and soften the leather.  Apply sparingly to smooth leather surfaces with a soft cloth or soft brush.

DO NOT apply to the nubuck or suede sections of the boots. Excess cream should be wiped clean or allowed to soak into leather. 

Dubarry Leather Restorer

Leather Colour Restorer

For well-worn footwear that has been properly cared for using the seven steps outlined here, we have developed a Leather Colour Restorer to help enhance the leather finish of your footwear. 

In addition to its use on the leather upper of your footwear it is also extremely effective as a dressing/finishing on the leather of the sole and heel edges.

Available in the three most popular colour categories of leather footwear: Black, Mid Browns and Dark Browns.

Always keep care products out of reach of children.